Hey there I’m Taylor and I’m the owner of Salt and Script!

I’m a wife to a firefighter named Matthew, mom to a baby girl named Harper and professional encourager. I’m an enneagram 9w1 and an ISFP so basically I love making people feel warm and fuzzy like the way Target makes me feel warm and fuzzy. I like believe there isn’t a whole lot in this world that can’t be fixed with a little bit of kindness.

It is my mission to help cultivate deeper relationships with God by creating hand painted and hand created goods that encourage you. I started painting bibles in 2017 after I painted a bible for my wedding reception. I fell in love with the idea of painting the covers of bibles to match the beauty found within the pages. I knew if I loved carrying around a beautiful bible, other women would too and Salt and Script was born.

The name Salt and Script comes from my love of lettering and my love of the Word. Our business bible verse is Matthew 5:13-16. It is our mission.

To be the salt of the Earth.

To be the light of the world. 

To glorify my Father in heaven.

And it is my prayer that Salt and Script reflects that in everything we do.